Samsung Galaxy Nexus ToolKit V7.7 Para Modelos GSM y LTE

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Para los que poseen en su manos ya un Samsung Galaxy Nexus les traigo esta herramienta llamada Toolkit gracias a  Mark Skkipen quien es el desarrollador y nos facilita en solo pasos poderla usar con interfaz y no mediante comandos  de adb, con ella podremos hacer de todo en el equipo desde flashearlo hasta hacer root, liberar el bootloaders, Instalar clowordmod recovery tanto el touch como el tradicional, instalar apk via adb hacer backups y restauralos, recuerden hacen buen uso de la herrmienta y tener cautela con la misma.

1)Descargar ToolKit V7.7
1) Instalar los Driver del Galaxy Nexus
2) Liberar el Bootloaders
3) hacer root y comenzar a utilizar las distintas opciones de la Herramienta ToolKit

Instrucciones e imagenes:

Instalacion es muy sencilla como cualquier programa de windows, despues abres Toolkit seleccionas la version de tu galaxy nexus, y comienzas por instalar los driver del Galaxy Nexus marcando la opcion 1 continuar pulsando las opciones que requiera, segun las especificaciones del usuario final.

Cualquier duda o pregunta por aqui o escriben @LeonelM_

Actulizaciones de la herramientas a la fecha:

ToolKit v7.7 (31st July 2012)
+Fixed Auto Updates not installing from V7.6
+Enabled 'Quick Pick' option in Main Menu and added some info
+Enabled non English OS support to open Internet Explorer for people who want to donate
+Updater will now only update from the last released version to cut download size (this may mean you get a few incremental updates if you have a very old version
+Installer will automatically clean folders before installing (will not delete folders that may contain user data) so no need to uninstall between builds

ToolKit v7.6 (29th July 2012)
+Added Stock Recovery image for Jelly Bean builds
+Added option to check for Updates at startup
+Updated uninversal drivers to 0.7
+Updated driver commands for Windows XP 32bit
+Added google stock image links to 4.1.1 for yakju and takju models in the Downloads Screen
+Added option to flash google image after it has been downloaded via the ToolKit
+Minor edits and fixes

ToolKit v7.5 (20th July 2012)
+Added Auto ToolKit Update feature on startup
+Updated CWM Touch to on all models
+Updated TWRP Recovery to 2.2.0 on all models
+Added Create tar with 1-Click for flashing via Odin
+Added Activation of Donator features via ToolKit
+Rewrote push routine to find filename from wildcard
+Removed a date setting from backup routines
+Rewrote extras file to work with new activation
ModsSection v3.0 (20th July 2012)
+Minor rewrites and ammendments

ToolKit v7.4 (11th July 2012)
+Added ToolKit support for JellyBean 4.1.1 (yakju and takju but other models can use either of these to root)
+Added option to boot from insecure kernel for Internal Storage backup to fix problems on JellyBean builds
+Reorganised folders in ToolKit
+Made some changes to scripts suggested by users
+Clarified some points in the Model Selection Screen
ModsSection v2.1 (10th July 2012)
+Added JellyBean check for certain mods that do not work on 4.1+ (disables those mods if on JellyBean)

ToolKit v7.3 (10th July 2012)
+Added full auto download Google Stock Image to
ToolKit folder ready for extracting/flashing (no need
to move the file manually anymore)
+Fixed Stock Recovery flash flashing TWRP Recovery
+Removed 'Restore NAND files to extSDCard' since
there is no external SD Card (oops)
+Adb server is restarted before the Main Menu to
improve stability
+Minor re-writes to improve some scripts

ToolKit v7.2 (9th July 2012) ANOTHER BIG UPDATE!
+Added Root support for Jelly Bean (4.1) on all models (maguro, toro, toroplus)
+Added Busybox install into 1-CLICK process
+Added download link for Stock Toro IMM76K image
+Added option to keep/delete NAND backup files after NAND backup completes
+Added option to push NAND backup folder to Internal or External Storage for CWM restore
+Added Superuser 3.1.3 zip file to root folder for flashing via Custom Recovery if required
+Added insecure boot image for LTE IMM76K builds
+Added Cache Ripper by Adam Lange in Dev Tools
+Grouped Recovery flash options
+Grouped Bootloader Unlock/ReLock options
+Added Colour Settings (background and text)
+Added Reboot to Download Mode in Reboot Options
+Reorganised alot of the Menu Screens
+ToolKit kills adb server when exiting via 'x' in the Main Menu
ModsSection v2.0 (9th July 2012)
+Added check step for Jelly Bean compatability
+Added step to ask if a NAND backup wants to be made before attempting any mods
+Ammended text on Menu Screens
+Minor changes

ToolKit v7.0 (31st May 2012) BIG UPDATE!
+Added ability to perform a FULL NANDROID Backup of your system (Boot img, Cache tar, Data tar, Recovery img and System tar) via adb and save in Custom Recovery format on your PC which can be Restored via CWM Recovery
* Added /data and /system folders backup, compress to a .tar file and save to your PC
* Added Backup/Restore of your /efs partition
* Added Dump of selected Phone Partitions, compress to a .zip file with md5 and save to your PC
* Added Install BusyBox binary on your phone
* Moved backup/restore options to a single screen
* Tidied up alot of text on screens

ToolKit v6.2 (16th May 2012)
+Added Verizon IMM76K to Model Selection Screen
+Added Verizon IMM76K root support
+Added info about Google Play devices not wiping after Bootloader Unlock
+Added useful info on Model Selection Screen
+Added extra info on several options to help users
+Various minor bug fixes and optimised code more

ToolKit v6.1 (2nd May 2012)
+Added Takju to Model Selection Screen
+Added rooting support for takju Stock Roms
+Added option to download Google Stock Image files directly via the ToolKit
+Added extra option to date format and added text for less errors backing up
+Added TWRP Touch Recovery to boot/flash options
+Added Sprint Stock Recovery image to the ToolKit
+Added Help info for App Backup option
+Added extraction check and auto rename of Google Image for incorrectly named files when flashing
+Added support for flashing Radio-cdma image files to correct partition on lte devices
+Added Sprint driver info to Manual Information
+Added proper insecure boot image from toroplus model IMM76D
+Changed CWM in 1-Click method to Touch version

ModsSection v1.7 (1st May 2012)
+Bought up to date with latest ToolKit

ToolKit v6.0 (23rd April 2012)
+Added Dump/View/Clear Selectable LogCat buffers
+Added Dump/View BugReport to PC
+Added support for gsm build 4.0.4 (IMM76I)
+Added support for Sprint lte build 4.0.4 (IMM76D)
+Added more clarity in root method
+Updated adb to latest version from google (1.0.29)

ModsSection v1.6 (23rd April 2012)
+Added support for gsm build 4.0.4 (IMM76I)
+Added support for Sprint lte build 4.0.4 (IMM76D)
+Increased Camera quality settings on 2x profile

ToolKit v5.7 (16th April 2012)
+Added extra error control when flashing Google Stock Rom to detect incorrectly named files
+Added more info after installing drivers
+Fixed Camera quality profiles for fast sound in HQ (Phone Mods Section)
+Minor bug fixes and streamlined code

ToolKit v5.6 (30th March 2012)
+Added Root support for GSM IMM76D Build 4.0.4
ModsSection v1.5 (30th March 2012)
+Added support for GSM IMM76D Build 4.0.4

v5.5 (13th March 2012)
+Added Screen Colour Control to Mods Section
+Updated Radio Trimmer (thanks to Josteink)
+Added recognition of .tar files in the Google Stock Image flash
+Added text in cwm flash section to clarify recovery restore file
+Added some updates and more stability to scripts

v5.4 (23rd February 2012)
+Added backup /data/media (virtual SD Card) to PC
+Added pull and trim Radio Image from phone and save to PC
+Optimised some of the procedures in the ToolKit
+Added some important information to some of the procedures to avoid confusion
+Used a new program to convert the batch file so everything being done on the phone is now displayed on the PC (was being hidden before)
+Added modssection v1.3 file to the ToolKit

ModsSection v1.3 update (10th February 2012)
Note: This version is NOT in the latest ToolKit v5.3
+You will now only be asked once whether you are running an insecure boot and will not be asked again until you select to reboot the phone
+Fixed a minor script error for setting Boot Animation On/Off

v5.3 (9th February 2012)
+Added info on 1-CLICK screen so users know they need to be in Fastboot Mode before starting
+Minor script edits
+Added Wifi Scan Interval and Startup Boot Animation On/Off mods to Phone Mods Section
+Added reboot option to mods that need a reboot to take affect so several mods can be done before rebooting
+Cleaned up Mods Section scripts

v5.2 (7th February 2012)
+Added official root support to 4.0.4 CDMA/LTE models
+Added a new media_profile mod for the Camera/Camcorder and tweaked existing ones

v5.1 (3rd February 2012)
+Very minor update to add the FULL installation path when installing as it confused some people

v5.0 (2nd February 2012)
+Added Mods Section to change settings on phone
+Added NEW cwm Touch version to Boot and Flash options
+Moved Reboot Options into seperate screen
+Changed some of the driver installation files for more compatability with different Windows Builds
+Re-wrote alot of the scripts for more stability
+Fixed a few small bugs that I found
+Added insecure boot options to some of the options so they will work with Stock Roms
+Added an option in the Main Menu to open a seperate command prompt for manual input
+Packaged everything using a commercial package creator for easier setup of files and added a shortcut to the desktop
+With new installer the driver files can be left out on installation if you already have your drivers set up

V4.1 (17th January 2012)
+Minor update to fix an incorrect date stamp on certain peoples pc's using the backup option. If you dont have any problems with the backup utility then there is no need to update to V4.1
+Other minor text changes on a few screens

V4.0 (15th January 2012)
+Added Install option which will automatically install the correct adb/fastboot drivers for your phone. This has only been tested on Windows 7 but the options for XP and Vista should work fine. If none of the options work please report it and use the manual options (or help me fix the code if you know how)
+Added Backup/Restore option to back up your apps user data, apks and internal storage. You can backup the user data of a single package if you wish and the ToolKit will display a list of all install apps so you can input the correct text
+Added a section for all past/future donators as a special thank you from me which will be updated regularly and include tips, tricks and tweaks for your galaxy nexus. Please feel free to email me if you wish to add to the list.
+Rewrote some of the options to make them run alot smoother and hopefully with less bugs
+Fixed some faulty code in v3.1

V3.1 (9th January 2012)
+Added adb detection step on root and 1-Click options to make them safer and easier
+Added Install a single apk or all apks in the put_apks_to_install_here folder on your pc to phone (very nice function)
+Added a new page for Extras, Tips and Tricks which I will start adding tweaks to
+Cleaned code

V3.0 (7th January 2012)
+Added 1-Click For All Option which will do everything (Unlock, Root, Rename Recovery Restore file and Flash CWM Recovery)
+Added Boot/Flash img files directly from the PC
+Added Push/Pull/Set Permissions of files in ADB Mode
+Added Reboot phone to FastBoot Mode/CWM Recovery or Android in ADB Mode
+Added Ability to turn on/off the StartScreens so the program will start directly in the Main Menu
+Added ADB Mode Serial number at the top
+Rewritten most of the script

V2.2 (29th December 2011)
+Fixed a problem with flashing the update zip file once extracted from the Google Factory Rom (for use with option 5)
+Added some more wording to various options to make sure people know whats happening

V2.1 (28th December 2011)
+Added Automation of Extracting and Flashing Google Factory Roms from the .tgz downloads on their website and file cleanup after flashing.
+Rewrote parts of the onscreen information and added extra clarification on some screens.
+Added the Stock Recovery for ICL53F so the correct recovery image is flashed depending on your Build version.
+Cleaned the coding up in areas and make it more intuitive.

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