Instalar CM9 Android 4.0 En Samsung Galaxy 5 I5500

En esta oportunidad les Mostraremos Como instalar este Port de CM9 en su Samsung Galaxy 5 I5500
Una ROM que esta al 90 % funcional los detalles que tienen son la camara que no funciona y la aceleracion de Hardware Mas detalles a continuacion:



* 2D acceleration via copybit - no flickering or distortion 
* 3D acceleration - needs more testing to be sure, and further improvements may be possible later 
* Audio 
* Telephony - calling, messaging, mobiledata 
* Touchscreen - including OuNao's fake dual-touch, configurable via madconfig 
* Bluetooth & Bluetooth tethering 
* Wireless 
* Correct MAC addreses for BT & WiFi 
* SD card & USB mass storage 
* Lights 
* Sensors - via OuNao's g5sensord and sensor library, which means no lag in games, etc. 
* Compcache & swap - the latter available via madconfig, but disabled by default 
* GPS 
* Good battery backup (needs more testing to be sure) 

No Funciona / todo: 

* Bluetooth prevents deep sleep - do not leave enabled when you have no need to use it 
* Camera & video recorder 
* USB & Wifi Tethering - you may be able to use third-party replacements 
* FM Radio - no CM9 radio app yet exists, but Spirit FM may work 
* Video acceleration - video decoders will use software rendering, which uses more battery, and is too slow for HQ video playback.

Ultimo Changelog Según el Creador:

Latest Changelog: 

20120527 [v0.2] 

*md5: 1be4cbefec95259f292aeb5d4080d25d 
*kernel: backported xt_quota2, xt_qtaguid, iface_stat drivers to allow proper networking stats and prevent recurring framework crashes 
*libaudio: fix for wrong microphone being used during calls, added audio attenuation support (enabled on speaker), added Samsung extamp filtering support to fix distortion in FM audio & headset in-call audio. Added new system property that lets users disable extamp filtering if wanted (no extamp filtering + 0db attenuation on speaker = identical audio volume to v0.1 release's audio) 
*boot: remove corrupted initlogo that was displayed before bootanim started (no longer needed) 
*framework: fixed cpu deep sleep issue that was caused by wakelock in hs serial device (Bluetooth quick switch) - should drastically improve battery life (may now be similar to CM7) 
*framework: optimizations to 2D rendering speed 
*framework: disable UI touch sounds (was just slowing down presses + increasing battery drain) 
*switch from old Music app to new Apollo music player 
*add VoiceDialer, SoundRecorder 
*Trebuchet: change drawer animation back to default (looks nicer, no change in performance) 
*fix simple2ext compatibility issue. Note: you will need to enable the "mount as ext4" option in the app settings, as CM9 does not auto-mount /sd-ext on boot. 
*wifi: change wpa_supplicant driver from wext to ar6000 
*increase VM heap to 32MB - should reduce ANRs 
*fix for keypad layout not following orientation changes

Instalacion :

Para Instalar La ROM Debes Tener CWM Recovery instalado Ver esta Guia

Para Informacion y actualizacion ver HiloOficial en XDA

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  1. saludos viejos, gracias por la inf. coloquen la app: goomanager, que avisa cuando salen las updates de esta y otras actualizaciones. iclusive tb de MIUI para el g5.

  2. hola!!! consulta! la camara no funciona para nada con esa actualizacion???




    aca esta el post para que lo instalen