Convierte tu Android en un Servidor Con Servers Ultimate

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Servers Ultimate

En esta oportunidad les Traemos esta interesante y util aplicación desarrollada por un usuario de XDA la cual te permite correr hasta 10 diferentes servidores entre los cuales estan DLNA, DNS, Dynamic DNS, Email, FTP(S), Proxy, SMS Gateway, Time, HTTP(S)  WebDAV server. Puedes Crear tu propio servidor de Correo o un servidor Proxy Compartir Archivos por FTP o un servidor WEB.


Caracteristicas desde Google Play

  • Free!
  • For a summary of features per server type please scroll down
  • Add a Dynamic DNS Updater using the local or public IP of your device
  • Start/Stop servers automatically when connected/disconnected from a specified WIFI network, or on boot, or directly when the app starts
  • Set a custom name and port per server
  • No rooted device is needed
  • Set a WIFI lock, keep the device alive and/or keep the device fully awake (including the screen)
  • Optionally save all the server data to the sdcard to prevent removal during upgrades
  • View all IP addresses of your device, including the public IP
  • Automatically email and clear the log when the maximum amount is reached
  • Verbose log (filter, email, etc).

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